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Welcome to our online Social Community platform!

This online space is an ideal place to connect with other philosophically or spiritually minded people. Particularly with students or teachers who study with Aaravindha Himadra and Amartya tradition, or with other Sambodha Teachers in the Sambodha environment.

Anyone who feels called to, or is interested in Aaravindha’s teachings, techniques, or seminars is invited to sign up. Here you’ll also discover the forming of a broad public community group along with several more specific groups designed for past and new participants of Aaravindha’s seminars. The public arena is accessible for anyone signed up, although some seminar groups will only be visible if you have participated in those specific seminars.

If you are already in our database, please use the email address that is in our database or you will not have access to some of the forums and groups you might otherwise have access to!