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This online space is an ideal place to connect with other philosophically or spiritually minded people. Particularly with students or teachers who study with Aaravindha Himadra and Amartya tradition, or with other Sambodha Teachers in the Sambodha environment.

Anyone who feels called to, or is interested in Aaravindha’s teachings, techniques, or seminars is invited to sign up. Here you’ll also discover the forming of a broad public community group along with several more specific groups designed for past and new participants of Aaravindha’s seminars. The public arena is accessible for anyone signed up, although some seminar groups will only be visible if you have participated in those specific seminars.

Beyond the US, Aaravindha has a large community of interactive participants in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, if this pertains to you, and you feel more comfortable posting in German, and if possible, bilingual, please do so. We ask that every post is in some way relevant to Aaravindha’s teachings.

This is a space where we can share our inspirations, realizations, and any quotes that moved us through Aaravindha’s writings or seminars. It’s an devotional portal designed to help each other discover our shared golden thread of spiritual wisdom, and where we can pass forward what we think might be inspiring and uplifting for others.When commenting or posting here, please try to maintain an attitude of being in Satsang. This might make it easier to maintain our intended positive and supporting conversations. Please see this as an online sacred space; a kind of digital temple. Any posts that are intended as advertising, self or business promotion, or are contentious or negatively positioned against Aaravindha’s teachings, are trolling, or are unrelated to our purpose here, will be deleted. Keep it relevant. If you have something uplifting to share, please do it here with joyous integrity.

Please help us flag any inappropriate posts by sending a message to the site administrator Aiyanna Diyamayi. Thank you!